Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Community Colleges: The Benefits Of Enrolling

a way for students both young and old to approach higher education from a reduced-pressure standpoint, free from the restrictions, ceremony, and exorbitant cost of four-year schools. By offering convenience and education in a single package, the barbed wire fences of advanced education have become a little easier to climb. When there is easier access to education, it benefits not only those students who can take advantage of it, but the country as a whole. Many graduates of these institutions choose to move on to four-year schools to complete their quest for a Bachelor's degree. Here are some of the benefits of enrolling.

Convenient Location

Not every high school graduate is in a hurry to move away from home. In fact, it is the fear of suddenly living many miles away from their home that sometimes keeps these kids from pursuing their dreams. Community colleges remove this barrier. They typically have no on-campus housing and they certainly have no requirement that their students live in the dorms. When new graduates can live at home and commute to classes, they can focus solely on their education and save the worries about housing and economics and independence for when they are ready.


It is almost always quite a bit cheaper to take classes at community colleges than it is to enroll at a four-year school. That's not to say it isn't expensive. Classes and books are pricey, regardless of where you get them. But the difference is substantial, in most cases. If you fall into that difficult demographic where you come from a budget-minded household but don't make little enough to qualify for financial aid, you have to make wise decisions about your money. Education is important and student loans are always a possibility, but those loans can turn into a heavy burden once you've graduated. These schools reduce the burden and allow you to get started on the path to a degree without crushing you financially.

Flexible Schedules

Community colleges aren't just an extension of high school, like some uninformed detractors like to say. They are hardly different from four-year schools when it comes to general education requirements and the level of learning available. Nor should you expect to have a regular, 8-3 schedule as you did in high school. You choose when you learn. You pick you classes and define your schedule. Don't want to get up until noon? Schedule your classes for the afternoon. Need to work in the afternoons? Schedule morning classes. Can't fit any of it into your schedule? Look for online classes, which are becoming more and more commonplace. There is a schedule for anyone who wants to learn.

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