Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Best Locations For Your Student Accommodation

your parent's home and adventure out into the big wide world on your own for University, there are several major decisions to be made. You must choose where to live, who to live with, how much to pay, and much more! Many students leave the hunting for accommodation until last minute, which results in them being left with the leftovers which all other students turned down. Please continue reading to find out how you can obtain the best possible student accommodation and in the best location.

One of the key selling points about student accommodation is the location. Students need somewhere that is close to the city centre, shops and needless to say, the University itself. If the accommodation is not within walking distance to the University you must ensure there is an easy transport system to get there. Students also tend to enjoy living alongside other students, and this is now known as studentification. There are many areas across the UK that are densely populated by students and their accommodation, so much so that the prices of the properties are way too high for other local residents.

Most students will jump at the opportunity to live in a studentification area, as it seems they will be no complaints from elderly neighbours and everyone is practically in the same boat as you. However this is not as ideal as it may seem at first, there are several downsides to large student population areas. Burglars are drawn to these particular types of areas, mainly due to the fact that students aren't as tedious about tasks such as locking doors and windows. Many students forgot to lock doors and windows and this is simply an easy target for burglars out there, and they know it.

Another downside to the highly populated student areas is there can be a great amount of noise from people returning from nights out, and you may be trying to revise. Then there is the case of huge piles of rubbish forming in the garden and other less hygienic students who may choose tio hang their washing out of windows. It really depends on whether you can live in a place such as this, if you can then it would be a great choice for you.

If you are someone who doesn't like the thought of living in a loud and messy place, then take other places into consideration. You could try enquiring with local letting agents to see a few properties in non-student areas. Sometimes these places are a lot more beneficial for you and you may get more for your money.

Overall, choosing the perfect student accommodation location, depends on what you prefer. If you don't mind the messy lifestyle of students or the loud nights out, then studentification areas are ideal for you. However, if this just isn't your thing then have a look around other non-student areas.

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